Aesthetic Feeling that I was there too

It was cold December outside. I was instructed not to ask for help, but I asked. I had only one lunch hour for escape from reality. I had to do it. It was now or never – I thought. When will I be here again, I don’t know. I must do it.

Excuse me Madam; I do not want to disturb you. Still, could you please call a taxi for me? – I asked. She was very polite and helped me. In the next second, I was sitting in the car with a friend of mine.

Where do you want to go? – asked the smiling lady sitting at the front seat of the taxi. To Mauritshuis, please – I answered quickly. No problem – she said. Would it be a problem to wait for us in front of the museum? – I continued asking. Oh, Madam, it is not allowed to wait here. However, I could ask another taxi to come and pick you up, if this is ok for you? Madam, you are the best – I replied. She smiled.

My friend smiled, too. You are really crazy – I saw it in her eyes. I like this idea, to sacrifice the lunch for fifteen minutes of special aesthetic feeling that we will buy ourselves now – she said. In a minute, we were there, in front of the Mauritshuis in den Haag. We paid pretty expensive entrance ticket considering the fact that we only have half an hour for this astonishing Museum.


For fifteen minutes of staring at the Girl with a Pearl Earring. For fifteen minutes of time-journey to the past… to see the moment that happened long time-ago.


Source of the image: Mauritshuis.

They say that Vermeer painted this oil on canvas in 1665. They say that it is not a portrait, but a painting of an imaginary figure. That the whole story we know now is just a product of imagination. Mysterious.

And now I am looking at You, your eyes, your face, your lips, and your hair. I know that you were real. I know that there was something special between you and Johannes.

Tracy would not write a novel. Webber would not direct a movie. The story would not be such an enigmatical fascination for centuries. You must have been real.

This earring looks so familiar, and your eyes, greyish look trying to say something. I can almost hear your thoughts saying: “Why does it have to be like this?”

Johaness, I know you are the great artist, but this is not only the magnificent play of light and texture. I hear your feelings in her eyes…

I believe that there is no time and that everything is happening now. Does it mean that I am now looking at You, that I am standing at the place where Johannes was standing? Shining pearl – Aesthetic abyss, a tunnel to another world?

Expensive ticket? No, I just travelled more than three-hundred years in the pastI thought entering into the taxi to the real world.

Aesthetic feeling that I was there too.

Het straatje


Source of the image: Wikipedia.