The End

The End of Your Life

Standing at the graveyard today

Looking at all those familiar but distant faces around me

Knowing that a part of history will be buried forever with you

Thinking about your eyes from few days before

They were the only sign of you in this world

Everything else has already went to another world

Devastation of known world

Time is flying

Too fast, I would say

Will you see her?

I didn’t dare to ask

One day, we will all come there

The last piece of ground is on you

Are you around, looking at us?

Is there anything that we need to hope for?

Or just the end, like Morrison said…

Farewell dear man

Farewell to your childhood

Farewell to your happy moments

Your dreams, wishes

Your hopes, your thoughts

Your suffering, your devastation

Farewell to you

Where ever your soul is now

A poem written for my Uncle. And whenever it is the end of someone’s life I hear the sounds of “THE END” – by The Doors.


In response to Daily Post: Devastation.


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