P.S. I want to move the mountains …

KISS – Keep it simple stupid

Featured Image Source: Pinterest.

When You goggle the KISS principle you see a number of signs, simple drawings of nature (mostly sea, island, boat and a palm tree) and of course you see Albert Einstein and his quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler“.

Hm? Why stupid?!

Missing somebody – call.

Have a question – ask.

Want to be understood – explain.

Don’t like something – change it.

Love someone – tell him or her.

Want to meet up – Invite….

It’s easy. If you complicate anything – the obvious will be lost. I don’t see anything stupid behind this. I see stupidity in complex sentences when people speak for hours not saying anything, and you know very well what I mean. The greatest persons have always been simple and straightforward. So, if someone knows how to explain – it is obvious he knows the stuff. That Simple 🙂

I like the quote attributed to Steve Jobs:


P.S. I want to move the mountains …;)


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