The Yellow Man

How was it today? – He asked when she finally get out of the warm bath.

Freezing – she answered and took a cup of Ginger tea. With a kind of a ritual, she put a big spoon of acacia honey in it and smiled. Delicious. Not only the taste, but also the warmth and smell. It tastes like spicy childhood. Yellow delicious Ginger tea – she said happily.

Well, my thoughts were frozen at the beginning and the only goal was to see the finish line. They said on the radio that it was minus seven degrees. Horrible – she shivered with disgust.

Yet you did it! – He smiled.

There were three rounds that we had to run. One of them was shorter. I didn’t take care to know which one is the shortest, so I hoped while I was running the first round that this is the bigger one. I didn’t want to check my clock to see how fast I was, because I knew I was slow. Breathing was also hard and I knew that I would cough later. I didn’t feel any pain in my joints – so I was happy.

Then I saw this yellow guy and decided not to lose him during the race. Yes, I was really happy, you know why. Yesterday, I was hardly able to walk – and today, today I run.

So, I kept the pace. The first round was ok. Then came the second one. After the first bent, I realized that the first round was the shortest and that now I have to do another two rounds. The water beside the road resembled to ice cream. I did’t even try to take it. Music on my chosen radio station was very slow, and it didn’t hasten me to run faster. I passed near one young girl and asked her in my thoughts to give me a bit of her young power… because she is not running and did not need it at that time. I felt if she gave me a bit of it.

He smiled.

The second round has finished. I thought, ok, now just one more and you will be heading to the warm Ginger tea. That made me forgot the cold for a second. Breathing became even harder. I heard some girl behind me how she gasps for air, but I didn’t turn my eyes back. I was really frozen.

On one point of the road, I decided to slow down a bit, but not actually. I did slow down, but I have extended my stride, so I actually run at the same speed. It’s amazing what this deception of the mind does to the body. I didn’t slow down.

On the Radio, Federer was wining his challenge and I realized that I am almost near the finish line. I hastened a bit, to finish this freezing torture. Voilà. The end. I did it again with a forced smile on my face.  See, my thoughts were frozen too.

This is good – he answered. You broke through the minus seven-degree limit of running.

Yes, I did break through the minus seven-degree limit – she answered.

And the yellow man?

I left him in the third round in the dust – she lowered her chin and simpered.

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