An honest, clean smile


Around zero outside, body temperature inside. Jolie was dressed as if it is summer. This was  her first Yoga class at 37 degrees of Celsius, the first class of Hot Yoga.

Ambient was very pleasant, the teacher (you call Yoga instructor a teacher, or?) likeable, always smiling. Jolie was happy and very curious about this. She has been looking at this add for a long time, and now there was a chance to really try it. The pain in joints has almost completely vanished, so she thought that it was the right time to try.

Indeed, the temperature in the room was hot, and it was wise that she did not put too much of clothes. The exercise looked simple. Still, she was not able to do the poses with much stretched knees. She guessed that there must a problem in this area.

Breathing became harder as the time passed by, but she made it. Feeling dirty on the outside, this final “Huuu” that was supposed to ‘let go’ all the worries, troubles and difficulties resulted with an honest, clean smile on her face.

Jolie took a cup of a Yogi tea, alleging that the hot yoga was successful and that she has to repeat it one day.


Sources of featured images: Hot Yoga Poster, Tree pose, Triangle pose.



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