Sun glitter

Of all glitters… I prefer the Sun glitter on the surface of  the sea. It causes special feeling of happiness in every time of the year, or a day. Sun glitter is a sparkling bright light that you sea at the surface of the water, of the sea – for example – when the sunlight reflects itself from the water (waves). A great in-depth explanation of this specular reflection is explained in the article: Glittering Light on Water by Joseph A. Shaw in the NOAA Journal. Sun glitter can be bright enough to damage one’s eyes. Caution should be exercised while observing the glitter. Source: Wikipedia.

I quote here one of his sentences:

Where Glitter Paths Lead

You do not have to be a remote sensing expert to appreciate glitter patterns. From sidewalk puddles to the ocean, beautiful light shows can be seen by anyone with the attention to notice. Depending on the amount of patience you have for such things, you can either casually notice these patterns or spend hours examining them in detail.


And…. of course… some music… Do you know Vangelis? Il n’y mer…..


My Featured image is actually glitter that I captured one day by photographing the magnificent river Zrmanja.


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