Ma chere Mademoiselle, ….. Ça va? “- he asked without words

Jolie looked at him with anger. If she could, she would probably say: “Ne sois pas stupide!” But she couldn’t, so she gazed at him with hidden tears in her eyes.

If they steal your voice – how the hell can someone feel? Stupid question! – She thought. We take it for granted every day. We wake up, we shower, we drink coffee, we talk to each other, we laugh, we cry, we breathe…. We do all of this without even noticing it – bizzare.

Maybe this is the reason why Jolie decided to learn Yoga. She wanted to connect herself with the power of breath, with the power of the moment that we often neglect…not taking care of how important it actually is.

And maybe this violent stealing of her voice was actually happening at the right time? When so many people asked for her opinion, her thoughts, her ideas, when she could not have time for herself… it happened now. She can now only listen.  Is this her hideout from the “real world”? Her possibility to meditate her way in deeper self? Her possibility to enjoy the silence?

Maybe it is true that everything comes at the right moment and for a reason – she smiled happily with a thought: “Je suis satisfais….”



Source of the quote: Pinterest.

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