Testing TRX….


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“It is TRX training. It is amazing, you will see!” – this was the recommendation and the only thing that I knew about it.

The class started late in the evening. It was in a new building. First impression: it is new, looks clean, and looks secure (nice wardrobe with innovative lockets). There is a possibility for a shower (that I did not use this first time). While I was putting my cloths, I noticed some young woman that spent all the time in front of the mirror doing something. I did not see what she really does, but she did left a great bunch of her hair in the lavabo. A bit disgusting for such a public space, isn’t it?

After a while, I was ready. I came on time and I liked it. While we waited for the room (they call it a big room), I did some pedalling on an in-door bike. It was nothing special, just actively killing time while waiting. Then the man, young man, pretty good sculptured, opened the door. We came in. There were nine of us and the trainer – this young man. When I looked at him, I felt like I was in a kind of a modern cartoon. He looked positive, but still somehow artificial. Strange?

The warm-up started, we did a series of stretching, some squats, jumper-jacks and similar. Personally, the best warm-up for me is a slow run. However, I guess, they do not think it is ok to run in a big room (I would say some 50 square meters, not more. I noticed these ropes in front of me. Well, I know them… I did some exercises before on them.

Still, I did not know that there is actually the whole-body workout designed only for them and that they call it TRX-System or Total Resistance eXercise. This system is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises that was invented by Randy Hetrick, a USC college graduate and former Navy SEAL. They say that this training uses only these straps and bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability at the same time. Hmm, interesting.

After this short warm-up, we started the TRX training. If I can remember correctly, we did:

Upper body:

  • – Trx chest press
  • – Trx chest fly
  • – Push-ups


  • – Crunches
  • – Plank
  • – Pike
  • – Oblique crunch
  • – standing hip-drop


  • – Row
  • – Y Fly
  • – Power pull

Lower body

  •  – Suspended lunge
  • – Squat
  • – Single leg squat
  • – Mountain climber
  • – Step-over side lunge

The exercises were done in these 40 sec intervals, 10 sec rest and 40 sec of some other cardio exercise (squats, jumping jacks, plank, abs-workouts, jumps, etc), 10 sec rest. And yes, we did Tabata: trx squats and jumping jacks.

Impression? Interesting. Still, I am not sure that this workout routine is something for me. I do not have enough strength in my core and joints, and as a result of some vigorous routine with this ropes, I think will get some injuries.

Still, on my way home… I bought my self some kind of TRX straps. Well, not original, but quite good version of it. You can install it on the doors of some room and do a pretty good version of such training at your own pace. With a huge amount of photos and videos worldwide, I would choose a home training for such routine. For some paid class… there has to be more… better challenge, more training equipment, better motivation.

Happy, cause I tried TRX training in the gym. The keeper? Hmmmm. Well, I bought the straps, so I can include them in my rhythmic daily routine. Motivational keeper? None.

Here is explanation of my Suspension Workout list (source: Pinterest):


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