I had time to ruminate…

Our quest for the best Yoga has continued. Today on the „menu“ we had ZEN Yoga.


The place

It was an empty kindergarten hall, pretty comfortable with adequate amount of air. I could also say that it was clean enough. We had to sit and lay down on the floor from time to time, so this information IS important. I had a glimpse of a feeling of the childhood. It was not my kindergarten, but it had this ambient that reminded me on a time long time ago. I even tried to actually remember some episodes and only feeling that I caught was the feeling of: „It is ok, but I want to go away from here“. This was my impression of Kindergarten when I had to go there.

The teacher

Nice, polite older woman, I would say in her 60s. It was strange to see how „elastic“ she is in comparison to some younger girls that were exercising near me. Well, ok, including me.

I thought at the moment, if SHE can do it, I must definitely be able to do it. And this „insecurity to participate in performance of Yoga” was not worrying me anymore. Here I must say, that this does not mean anything. People are different, and age is not always the critical factor of performance. What I didn’t like was the sentence that she said several times: „I have told this several times, how many times I need to repeat that?! “ Well the accent was not strong, but still it’s kind of a „punishment-words“ phrase that I do not find motivating. She is a Yogi Teacher, she should be Gentle, shouldn’t she?

The practice

It was a nicely organized flow of exercises started with the head and finally finished with short relaxation period.

  • Moving the head in the neck to both directions
  • Moving the arms in shoulders to both directions
  • Moving the hips in circles in both directions
  • Moving the knees…. in both directions
  • Standing on the toes, then on the hills with the hands up as far as possible. (Several times).
  • Of course – I cannot remember all the poses, but I remember:
    • Warrior
    • Cobra like pose
    • Cat and Dog poses
    • ….
    • It reminded a lot to Primary Vinyasa series
  • I heard that she was constantly repeating some words, so I tried to learn them. Later, when I came home I realized that she was counting to ten in Japanese J


The keeper

„There are many of You in this room, but you should think and feel like you are here alone with your breath“.



  • It is a gentle way to thoroughly stretch the body
  • It is quiet and easy
  • Exercises are good
  • I learned counting to ten in Japanese


  • Lack of „Yoga-type ambient“ (sound, smell, mode)
  • Lack of „Meditative link“ that Yoga provides and that I need.
  • Teacher is not „powerful“ enough for me to inspire me for challenges
  • Too many people in the room
  • Too expensive for just another exercise that can be done at home too.

The result:

  • the Quest goes on. Maybe this is Yoga, but I need ZEN too!
  • I had time to ruminate about the feelings and impressions from this Yoga class as I run along toward my home….



Source of the Featured Image: Pinterest.

Source of the Japanese numbers: japanesewithanime.com.





6 thoughts on “I had time to ruminate…

  1. Beautiful post! Glad to hear that the insecurity of performing yoga isn’t bothering you anymore because it shouldn’t.
    Yoga needs nothing more than a comfortable you, a spot on the floor, and gradually removing all thoughts, given practice.

    Liked by 1 person

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