A calm mind..

“Being Nervous” – what is it?

It happened some ten years ago when Jolie’s life was really threaten by a possibility of illness. She lived very intensively and whenever she was afraid to miss the deadline, she was nervous. She didn’t want that feeling, but the environment put a pressure that is hard to avoid. Once, she organized a big party for her Birthday that included traveling to another country, visiting interesting places… in short: nice adventure. In the meantime, she had some health problems for some time, but she tried to neglect them because she wanted to do this and to do that….

The day before the traveling she found out that she cannot get a free day at her job.

  • How? Why? But I have already planned this one-week vacation?!? – she whispered and started to cry.
  • Everything was falling apart; her great adventure is not going to happen…. How can she tell the people that she – the Birthday Girl is not going to this trip? – she thought.

Well, she tried everything, but no, she could not get this one week vacation from job. Feeling unhappy, nervous and crying… when she realized that since she is already missing this adventure she can at least visit her doctor. So she made an appointment. Luckily, they had free space for her that same afternoon.

She went there, did the doctoral exams and waited for the results. Finally they came with the “strange face”:

  • I am sorry to inform you, but your results are not good and you have to go to hospital immediately.


In a week from then, she had a surgery. And when she woke up she realized….

  • I will never be nervous again!!!
  • All the things that will happen from now on, I will accept calmly and with smile!





At the end, the only two things in the life are important: health and life. All other things are (in)solvable problems should not fear us, nor make us nervous.


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