The pattern on the Wall

The best Yoga quest goes on..

The Sangha is the third of the Three Jewels in Buddhism. Due to the temptations and vicissitudes of life in the world, monastic life is considered to provide the safest and most suitable environment for advancing toward enlightenment and liberation.

In Buddhism, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha each are described as having certain characteristics. These characteristics are chanted either on a daily basis and/or on Uposatha days, depending on the school of Buddhism. In Theravada tradition they are a part of daily chanting:

The Sangha: The Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples (sāvakas) is:

  1. practicing the good way
  2. practicing the upright way
  3. practicing the knowledgeable or logical way
  4. practicing the proper way

That is, the four pairs of persons, the eight types of individuals – This Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples is:

  1. worthy of gifts
  2. worthy of hospitalities
  3. worthy of offerings
  4. worthy of reverential salutation
  5. the unsurpassed field of merit for the world.[13]

So we tried Sangha Ashtanga class for advanced learners of Yoga.

The place

We came ahead of time to see the environment of an old-town apartment. My first impression was that it reminded me on a flat where I lived my grandmother and grandfather. The old doors, carefully painted in white, high ceilings and old-style-windows. Parquet floor and quite music in a distance. I thought “Sehr Bequem”. I noticed a “Cat Yoga Poses” poster. Nice. (Must have 🙂

The room was bright, clean and highly acoustic, maybe a bit too cold for me, but I could survive feeling fine. I had a place in the front raw (I prefer the last raw) near window, so I had to take care about the walls – not to touch them with my hands.

My eyes were constantly going into corners searching for the pattern that I noticed on the walls. Every corner had a part of this wall painting… probably to connect all the corners into one painting. It looked like some simpler version of Mandala. I thought that there are many birds in this Mandala. I thought how putting something like this on a wall is a great idea. Maybe I could do something like this. Hmm

The teacher

We have put our names on the list and then Ashley came. I call her Ashley because she reminded me on Kirstie Alley when she played in the mini-serial “North and South! (1985). Ashley was pleasant and had a wonderful voice when she singed “Om”. She smiled a lot. She welcomed us gently and asked only “You know this is a class for advanced?” We nodded – yes.

Ashley didn’t participate much in the exercises. I missed the Tom. She showed some moves from time to time and the most of this one-hour class she gave instructions. In one moment of time, she came near me and showed me how to move my positions to a completely new one through series of breaths. This was amazing. Ashley is very in Yoga. Still, it was strange that she didn’t participate much in this. She looked, as she was tired. I felt as if I am on some gym class in the Elementary School where the teacher, although very good in his practice, don’t do much with the pupils…. Why is she tired? Why is she so distant? I wondered.

The practice

We took our mats and the program started. After singing the first Om-chant, we started a serial of Ashtanga exercises. According to my humble knowledge of Yoga – I think it was the primary series.


The speed was correct and I used all of my knowledge to do it right. I looked at the lady behind me. She was almost the perfect Yogi according to her moves. I was not able to follow her all the time, but I did all that my body allowed me to do. We did the warrior, the triangle, the tree, sun salutation, plow pose, child’s pose, shoulder stand pose and yes, the headstand pose. Ashley said that we can even do it near the wall. So, I tried and did it for a short period of time…wow…childhood again. I like it.

The keeper

Well, this is though. I do not remember some good instruction. I remember my urge to learn more and to practice more. I need this “Cat Yoga Poses” and a nice painting on my wall. I must learn how to use my breath to change the pose. Walls are allowed for the headstand pose. Nice.


  • – Nice room,
  • – Nice music,
  • – Quietness and acoustics at the same time


  • – The teacher was too distant. I had a feeling that I am watching my TV (this extra good lady behind me) and doing it by myself
  • – It lasted only one hour and I am hungry for more.

The result

  • – The Quest goes on…
  • – I need a real teacher and real ambient.
  • – I have to master these poses by myself; I guess I have to include my own class of Yoga at home too.

Source of Featured image: theblissprojectblog.

Source of the Ashtanga primary series: Pinterest.

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