Swimmer in Skopje

Skopje  a town of statues, culture and food…….

Immersed in the water… was my first impression of this statue.. in the river Vardar below the famous Stone Bridge in the Skopje that connects the Old Bazaar and the Macedonia Square.


Actually I like this unexpected statues and graphiti that you can find in some foreign city.

Well, the story of statues in Skopje is really interesting. A lot of different “people” are looking at you all around. I couldn’t excape the thought that maybe this is kind of a strange reality where they bild the history by creation of so many monuments on a rather limited space. If some catastrophy happens and some new generations of people would “dig archeological findings”… maybe they would wonder why these people had so many statues here… some special reason, or?

The story behind the statue? You can find a nice guide about it on Trip Advisor site.

The story behind the all other statues and renovation of the city is also described everywhere with a kind of a criticism…so here is a wiki resource for the project “Skopje 2014”.


One thought on “Swimmer in Skopje

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