A simple gesture

It is interesting how the perspective of something can change…


I arrived in Skopje with the airplane. I knew that I can go to the city with the taxi, but I prefer public transportation, whenever it’s possible. So, although I didn’t have time to thoroughly explore the city before my arrival, I checked if there is a public transportation to the city. And yes, it was possible with the bus. I even checked the price; it was 1ox less than with the black-white official taxi. Great πŸ™‚

After arrival and getting my luggage, I run to find the bus, because I knew it leaves in a very short period after the arrival of the airplane. The bus was still there. I was happy. Do you go to the city with this bus? – I asked. The man smiled and replied: Yes, we were waiting for You. I knew he was making fun. I continued: How much does the ticket cost? – He said the price in Macedonian dinars and the Euros. I paid in Euros. It was a bit more than in their own money, so I guessed he “rounded up”. I didn’t mind. Let’s call it a tip for a driver.


When we came to the city, I asked for a way to my hotel. The driver first explained it to me, but he also offered a free ride to there. Interesting – I though. He is generous. Ok, it was on his way home (I heard his conversation on the phone), but he didn’t have to do it; he didn’t have to give me a ride to the hotel. Still, he did. He was generous.


When I was going back to the airport few days later, I prepared the correct amount of money, but I decided to give to the driver a bit more (some 50% more). When he came, I gave him the money. He started to count and when (probably) he came to the amount of the ticket he simply took all of it in his pocket. He didn’t say “thank you for the tip”. Interesting… I thought… But why? Even if he said that there is too much, I would say it is ok. Is it so hard to say thank you for the tip? Never mind. Let’s call it a tip for a driver.


So, he drove to the airport and I looked around. At one traffic light stop, he opened the window and handed several coins to the beggar man. Hmm, I smiled. Well, again. The man was on his way to the airport, but he didn’t have to give him the money. Still, he did. He was generous again.


I smiled again… well; I guess this is my “Thank You”. Helping others so unexpectedly with even a minimal amount of money is the real Thank you for the tip, isn’t it”?


Source of th photos from Skopje: My camera – my copyright πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “A simple gesture

  1. Haha I loved it when you gave the second driver more money and he didn’t said anything. He most def understood the gesture and was too humbled to say anything, that’s how it goes. It’s a Macedonian thing.

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