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….as explained elsewhere… Symbiosis is…

One version of symbiosis is the relationship of certain birds and hippopotami. In this relationship, the birds are well known for preying on parasites that feed on each hippopotamus which are potentially harmful for the animal.

To that end, this hippopotamus openly invites the birds to hunt on its body, even going so far as to open its jaws to allow the birds to enter the mouth safely to hunt.

For the birds’ part, this relationship not only is a ready source of food, but a safe one considering that few predators would dare strike at the bird at such close proximity to its host.

A little anegdote..


I was walking throught the Berlin Zoo and enjoyed the animals. I like to think that zoo are not the prisons, but a place where animals have fun. So, I cam to the place with hippopotami and (don’t know why) tried to communicate with one soul.

Maybe it was my immagination, or they are trained like this… but this little one hippo really talked to me… I like to think that he/she even gave me a happy kiss.

I spent two hours running up and down near the pool and this little soul followed me all the time. On every my gentle knock on the pool window he/she came and kind of a kiss me….making me happy… maybe I did communicate with this beautiful animal, or?

Here is the Berlin zoo hippo:


Source of Featured image:

Source of Hippo photo: Berlin zoo.

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