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In my quest to solve the mystery of CUSP I was wondering to a pointed end and then struggled through anatomy, mathematics, architecture and astronomy. I even touched geography and finally stumbled upon artistic and sometimes underground part of the word.

Have you ever heard about Robert A. Metzger? Well, if you did’t now it’s the time (Google him). He is a science fiction author and electrical engineer (telecommunications scientist) that wrote Quad World, Picoverse and yes, he wrote a novel named CUSP. Voila!


We’ll have to wait 14 years to arrive in the time of the novel, i.e. the year 2031 and the opening sentence:

“An arc of flame erupted from the setting Sun”.

If the book is about pure science, CUSP would be the first computer designated to integrate with a human mind. However, since it is still considered as science fiction we are, according to „sfreviews“ having a chance to „spend some time in the funhouse of Metzger’s mind“. Why CUSP? Well, one father wanted to control, control, and control and he used his daughter as the most suitable character for this creation of superhuman… a story that spreads over several hundred of pages….where Sun and History are in some new dimension.

”Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky!”

(Jane Taylor, 1783-1824).


It is a hard science fiction category what means that it emphasize the scientific accuracy. Not to be misunderstood, „hard“ here means „natural“ and contains more scientific details while „soft“ means „social“ sciences and this categorization is considered to be only approximate view of the current science fiction writings.

Metzger is here presenting a multilayered story that is a kind of a cumbersome journey for some untrained and critical mind. But it can be a great intro into this world of Science Fiction. The best of the Science Fiction is definitely in the use of imaginative concepts. Therefore I strongly recommend that each one of us should try to explore this other level of our worlds and enter in the science fiction universe at one moment of time in our life.

It is a kind of a cusp or intersection point of real and surreal worlds.

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