Pursuit of Pleasure



He: You didn’t say no!

Jolie: Well, I cannot resist the temptation of a long run – she said showing a painful emotion on her face – Your kindness has put me to shame – she whispered.

He: But you know it’s dangerous, don’t you? – He shouted loudly.

Jolie was looking at him and saw that although he yelled, he is not mad at her. He does not judge her, nor trying to give her instructions. He just wants to be sure that she understand. Actually, he didn’t raise his voice to shout and yell on her. It was the train that just passed by that forced him to raise his voice.

I have nothing to lose – she reckoned. Nobody is waiting for me, just a bunch of unsorted staff. I feel better and I was very duteous the whole week and more. And yes, I know when to stop even though I never give up. The feeling that I will have after a long run is something that I cannot miss out. I will only miss setting a new record. It is almost comical how the life plays with us. We take simple things for granted and don’t think about the breath, the water, the so-called inner power. And one Day, when you start questioning this peculiar idea of existence, everything changes. You can never be the same. Denial, as an unconscious childish defense mechanism that makes us refuse to acknowledge the painful realities is not the answer, or is it?

He: I’ll be with you wild child – he spoke kindly to her.

Jolie: I know – she smiled continuing her pursuit of pleasure.


Source of the Quote Image: Pinterest.

Source of other Images: own copyrighted collection.

Unconscious defense mechanisms help us to protect ourselves from feelings of anxiety or guilt. There are a great number of them including: Repression, Projection, Displacement, Regression, Sublimation, Denial…

* Denial

Denial involves blocking external events from awareness.  If some situation is just too much to handle, the person just refuses to experience it.  As you might imagine, this is a primitive and dangerous defense – no one disregards reality and gets away with it for long!  It can operate by itself or, more commonly, in combination with other, more subtle mechanisms that support it.

Source: simplypsychology.org.

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