Too hot?

… continued from … Keep on running

My trail continued…downhill. I find it easy.

42k v2

I know that some people think that going downhill is not easy and that it may be dangerous for knees. But I do not have such a problem. I can run much faster, I feel like I am flying. I love it. The only problem was the fact that I had rather little amount of water… and I realized that the refreshment point would be further than I planned. Can this no-water situation ruin my run? I wanted to unravel the mystery of no-water… but I had to go on. I was feeling good, despite everything… I was running…I was on Parenzana…



Parenzana or TPC for short was a 123.1 km long narrow-gauge railway line, connecting 33 places in Istria, from Trieste to Poreč. It would pass through territories of three countries today: Italy – 13 km, Slovenia – 32 km and Croatia – 78 km.


Source of the map image:

to be continued….


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