Alice in the Wonderland

I had to make a pause due to a number of very exhausting everyday duties that and finally I am pleased to be able to catch up with the Daily Post challenge and write again, and again and again…and read and be inspired….

I was on Parenzana… a word so known and so distant. Once I walked here in rain, completely lost, searching for a control point. Despite such unfriendly weather, I was in a good mood. How can it be, how can you run with such a joy if you are tired and exhausted? I often wonder why I achieve the best results after a night of hard work without sleep. It happens every time.

Many thoughts come to a runners mind and that is the beauty of running alone. It is not that I do not like company and friend runners, but sometimes it is good to be alone with yourself. I often think that running is a kind of a special movie. Sometimes it is a comedy, sometimes it is drama, sometimes it is a kind of a history movie, sometimes in a style of Forrest Gump, sometimes more Woody Allen style…. and sometimes, yes…. and I am always pleased when it is so – it is a beautiful science fiction movie…..Alice in the Wonderland…. to be continued…


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