a timely act of kindness…

Wonderland continues….

No water… still no water…  – I heard silent whisper of fear in my head – It will be ok – I said aloud. I ate some salty food yesterday before the race and this will do the job. I find this as the best solution for preventing leg cramps during a long run in warm environment. It’s actually easy to explain. If you eat salted food the day before your organism keep more water than usual in the body and you have more to “waste” through perspiration. That is magic that actually works. You don’t need magnesium or similar stuff, just plain water and (for me) a glass of Coca-Cola….


In a distance I saw a bunch of runners stopping, I thought it might be a refreshment site. Or is it a mirage – an optical phenomenon that creates the illusion of water… the water I need so much…

I was getting closer hoping for reality…. hoping for refreshment.

Waaaaater… yeeees.

Well, it wasn’t a real refreshment point, but a timely act of kindness by some angel…. Owners of one little house near the road left the water pipe running. We all knew it is his way to support us. We didn’t see anyone, just the pipe of water. Can you image how tasteful it was? The best drink ever… you know….

Running to the next point was easy now. I didn’t care much for the missing refreshment point that I wanted to reach earlier. A bottle of water on my head and the other in my hand were all that I needed at that time….

I was approaching another small Istiran village – Završje.


Zavrsje is nested on a 240-metre high hill, amid marl and sandstone mountainous area where, between Groznjan and Oprtalj, is the south end of Karst. It has always been a town of farmers who worked the fields and grew olives and fruits; there were also leather tanners. The town was surrounded by double walls, partly still visible, which had two gates; the remains of one can still be seen. Above this gate there are ancient bas-reliefs and a coat of arms of the Contarini family, who owned the town for three centuries. A cobblestone road leads to an elevation with an ancient church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Holy Rosary with a church tower. The church has a round apse and a portal with pointed arch with inscribed year 1879, when it was last renovated. It was built in the 16th century and renovated in 1634, when of the four original altars only two remained.

(Source: https://www.tz-groznjan.hr/index.php/en/mjesta/zavrsj)

I noticed the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Holy Rosary with its magnificant church tower and remembered two guys that made water shower for us last year…. They were not there now….other people were sitting on the walls of the town now…


A friend was shouting at loud my name when he saw me. I smiled. The lady gave me a strange look while she said that the next city is 5K away from here. I wondered for a while what did she mean by that. Then I remembered… a refreshment point…. Well, I can do it – without a problem. Grisignana… I am coming…. I hope you expect me… – I thought while I continued my run in a good mood…

 …to be continued


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