Continued from.. the trail running adventure….

I thought it was a good idea to spread the description of a trail run through several daily posts… but it looks scattered and lost a bit… or?

Anyway…. now I was running toward Grisignana – Grožnjan, another interesting Istrian town…..

Grožnjan-Grisignana, a small Istrian town of great cultural significance not only in Croatia but also internationally, lives its summer months very intensely. Every year at the beginning of May, the little streets and squares of Grožnjan-Grisignana metamorphose and turn into a truly artistic beehive: it opens its summer music academies for young people, its artistic, dance and drama workshops and its peace activism workshops under the leadership of well-known experts and teachers and famous names from music, art and drama.

During those few summer months Grožnjan-Grisignana lives and breathes art and the labyrinth of its little streets become one great stage on which are constantly interchanging the sounds of jazz and classical music, guitar and piano, violin and cello, drum and vibraphone… (Source:

Reading this… I want to come back… 🙂

Trail road was nice, somehow happy play between the forest, trail, sun and refreshing wind breeze. Several people in front of me, and distant voices from behind indicating on a great bunch of people. I really enjoyed the day, the run… everything. In one moment, some foreign runner came close and I stopped for a second letting him ahead.

Thank You – he said happily.

Well, because of You, I had to stop, otherwise I would not stop while I go uphill – I joked.

You just got several seconds more to enjoy in this day – he answered smilingly.

And yes… the glass is either half-full or half empty. It’s up to your own perception!

I continued my turtle-speed uphill running happier than before. Few seconds later one nervous lady came close. She was actually running uphill and it was an understandable gesture to move aside and let her go. She hardly said anything on my cheering -Bravo- . The top of the hill was near, so I hoped to run again soon.


Due to a number of stones protruding from the ground, I found running a bit dangerous. Therefore, I continued slowly. Suddenly I saw this fast speechless woman flying. I screamed. She felt on the ground with her hands pointed far in front of her. I thought for a second, if people were made of little parts, this fall would definitely dismantle her in little pieces.

Are you ok? – I hurried toward her… Are You hurt?

I am fine. Everything is ok, just a little fall – she answered while getting up. She continued running immediately, as if nothing has happened. Wow, that is the runner’s spirit! I knew that I would do the same 🙂


Soon after that, we came to the left turn after which Grisignana was easily visible on the next hill. I decided to run without stopping. Yes, it was again uphill running, but it was on a road so I could run without looking on the ground. I passed several runners that walked this part and finally passed the entrance arch of the city.


Refreshment point on 20th kilometre with a huge amount of food and drinks. I think I drank one litre of Coca-Cola without noticing… I took some salted snacks and refilled my bottles with water. With a well-deserved glass of Coca-Cola, I continued my journey…towards the next refreshment point in Buje that will be on the 30K!

My Garmin was taking measure of everything. I was on time!




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