Feeling a jolt of heaviness…

Continued from climbing.


Final 10Ks were easy. Nice refreshment and a joy of running toward the sea were all that I needed at that time. Everything was downhill, something that I can do always. I don’t even understand when people say that running downhill is a problem. I personally feel some kind of a special force that makes me run faster than I normally can.


On the road, I met a number of people smiling and running. Some of them passed more than my humble 42K distance, 69K, 100K and some even 100 miles. However, all of us were happy. Exhausted, but happy.


Why I run that far? Because of this feeling of exhaustion and a simple need of a good deep sleep. Maybe you remember these words “Relax, imagine that your legs are heavy, imagine that your body is heavy…” Well, after such a race… you don’t need to imagine. This heaviness jolts you, surprise or shocks you. You are like a stone and you can “disappear” in a minute. Sometimes while you are getting in your sleep, you start dreaming, and sometimes you dream about running. Then you feel that you have moved your legs in a rhythmic motion as if you are still running. Then you realize that actually you are the stone on some bed that does not need to move for some period of time. And you are grateful that you did it, that you can and that you will run again and again and again…


To be honest, I was hoping to end this running adventure entering the final mile near the sea. The plan was to swim afterwards.

Unfortunately, they were renovating something so the finish line was earlier, far enough from the sea, making it impossible to do such crazy thing as swimming in the sea in April. Still I survived. After several hours and 42K, I arrived in Umag.



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