Opaque Mind

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Source of the featured image: Illusion Art Painting.

How can we look on the bright side of life?… explained by Rohit Mehta in the book “From Mind to Super-Mind: A Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita“.


If we can see, the process of comparison does – not break up a thing as it – then we shall be filled with joy from moment to moment. It is comparison and contrast which render the mind opaque, and the opaqueness of the mind is truly the generator of pain and sorrow. A dissociation from that which gives association with pain is brought about by a renewal of the mind. In such renewal the mind becomes transparent because of the casting aside of all its opaqueness. The opaque mind is filled with its own memories, with the residue of experiences. In our day to day existence, it is the long shadows of memory which are forever cast on our pathway rendering it dark and often dismal. The Yogi or the Mystic is never despondent because through the transparency of mind he finds his pathway always bright and illuminated. Even in the darkness of the earth, he sees the light of heaven.


Sounds so easy, so why do we see problems in everyday life? Why do we complicate and torture other with fears, that are irrational and in the day to day existence only a heavy burden to carry along…?


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