Remote controller



She chuckled when she remembered the funny situation last night. Ennie has decided to do a trick with her boyfriend. He has a problem, like a majority of them, with this remote controller. Selecting the TV program was his obsession and he was holding this remote controller, as if he is in charge of the selection, even if he was in a sleep. It was a bit frustrating for Ennie when she wanted to watch some episode on TV and not being able to change the program.

Even though she noticed his snoring and deep sleep, now that she wanted to take the remote controller and change the program, he woke up suddenly with a rude high voice saying: “I am watching, what are you doing?” A second after that he was a sleep again, holding firmly this remote controller.

One day, she decided to buy another remote controller for herself. Yes, it was a secret for him.  Therefore, last night she waited that he falls asleep with his remote controller in his hand so that she can use her newly bought remote controller. It was easy, she changed the programs, as she wanted while he was sleeping and enjoyed the freedom of choice. In one moment, he woke up. He looked a bit confused at the TV program, but he was feeling “safe and in charge” because the remote controller was in his hand. He didn’t notice the second controller that Ennie has hidden below the blanket.


He changed the program, but she couldn’t resist and she pushed the button to reverse his selection. He was confused – hmmm. Still he didn’t give any comment on this, but changed the program again. She pushed the button again acting as if she is not interested in what he was doing. He changed the program again. So she did it again. He got nervous. – What is wrong with this Television? Why can’t I change the program? It’s stuck.

Ennie was pretty serious and answered: I don’t know, maybe you squeezed this remote controller during your sleep, so now you broke it? Or maybe some higher energy wants us to watch the program that I want to watch? – She laughed.

He looked at her with suspicion, still not having a hint of an idea of what was going on. She let him think that he broke the remote controller and even tried to look angry on him, although she chuckled in herself.

Finally, she said: see, it’s easy to make some people crazy, isn’t it? You just have to have an inspiration – she smiled and changed the program again with her (still) hidden remote controller…


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