Zip it

Zip it – she thought when she looked at her scared face….

It was a nice sunny day when she met him. The road was gentle and easy to follow, yet she was afraid to get lost. Her voice was cheerful and she said with a smiling face: – I wish we would meet again soon. He smiled and answered: – I don’t think we’ll meet again on the road. You have much more to go than me. Good luck, you’ll need it – he said walking away from her.

Jolie did have her lamp somewhere at the bottom of the wet rucksack. It was there more as insurance. She didn’t think she would actually use it. It happened again. She was lost and she asked wrong people how to find the next point. The rain was getting heavier, but she knew she couldn’t quit. Quitting was not an option.

Then she saw Mia. She looked at her as if she was a God. She was not, of course. – Jolie, I am so happy to see you again. Do you know where are you going? – asked Mia with a kind of great expectations. – I know where I am going, but I cannot guarantee that I know the way – Jolie answered with a bit of sad voice. She always wanted to help. But now, she was not sure how to do it. Even she was not sure which way is the right one. – I am going to finish this trip, that’s all I know so far – Jolie confirmed.

Mia looked at her with her big wondering eyes and decided to come along. She couldn’t stop talking. She talked about her fight, about her weakness, about her fears, about tiredness. Then she was hungry, suddenly she was thirsty and the story continued without the pause.

The rain was getting heavier and the wind started to blow making this trip even more exhausting. She had so many problems, and for her, this road was a kind of psychotherapy – Jolie thought. Oh, being alone is actually a great gift from the Universe. Why does she have to bring Mia along?

The road seemed familiar and soon they felt, as everything was ok. Jolie talked a bit to make situation more cheerful, and Mia laughed. It was nice. Nevertheless, the time was passing very fast and the day was coming to its end. Hmm – I think we have to go in the woods now – said Jolie. Oh no, I am afraid to be in the woods in the night – Mia answered with a shock. I am sorry Mia, but this is the only way to get there. I don’t know any other way – said Jolie. Please, can we take this other road? It is big and it doesn’t lead to the wood? – asked Mia with a great fear in her voice. No. We must go in the wood. This is the only way. aking this other road would be wrong choice. What does it mean – nice way when it is wrong? – Jolie asked with patience.

Mia was getting nervous. She started to panic. Jolie looked at her with curiosity. Why do you panic? It is only a forest. You don’t have to be afraid. I have a lamp. We can do it. – Jolie tried to be persuasive. No, no, I am afraid. I cannot go in the forest. The night is falling. I cannot do it.

Jolie was annoyed. Not that she has to have a company, now she has to fight some other people fears. All she wanted to do is to scream up loud: “Zip it, and follow me”. However, she felt… it would not end like that. So she told Mia: OK, although I think that this road is wrong, I will believe in your gut feeling that we should take it. How sure are you that this is the right road? Can you guarantee that we will not be lost?

This sudden attack of panic was horrible. Mia started to tremble, to talk without intonation, to walk around and she almost started to cry.

It must have been the act of Heaven when Jolie noticed a man. Look – Jolie said – someone is coming. Mia started jumping and screaming. We are here; we are here… help us. Jolie looked at her with laughter. Oh, my God – she must really be out of her mind….

It was he… Jolie started to laugh. Hmmm…. I told you. We’ll meet again. You came at the right moment. He smiled.

Well Mia, I guess we can go to the woods now, can we?

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