Spin a Yarn

Spin a Yarn

Jolie woke up that morning with a wish to rent a car and drive without speed limit. The weather was sunny and dry, and it was a perfect day to test and rest. She didn’t tell anyone about it. It was her birthday present to herself.

Out of several providers she chose one with the car she wanted, small enough but strong enough to meet her goals. It was a BMW1, of course, the car of her dreams. Renting was easy; she needed it only for one day, so she didn’t have to leave too much money for insurance. When she sat in the car and smelled the leather, she knew that’s exactly what she wanted.

 After several minutes of driving, she left the city with its noise and traffic and headed toward the highway. It was an early Saturday morning with a rather humble traffic on the highway. Perfect – she thought. Next two-hundred kilometres gone in a wild, seconds of driving without speed limit accompanied with the loud rhythmic tones from the loudspeaker. WOW – that’s what I’ve needed – she smiled and singed at the same time.

 A loud warning sign on the car display showed a problem with tires. Hmm – strange, she thought. It is a rented car, it should have been checked before. Should I stop, or ignore it? – She thought. Then she saw a stopover gas pump and decided to stop for a check.

– Sir, can I ask you something?

– Yes you can – the man at the gas pump replied

– Can you please check my tires? I will buy you a coffee – she smiled

– Yes, I will help you. You don’t need to buy me a coffee – he smiled too.

Few seconds later, the man came from the gas pump to her car and started to check the air in the tires. Then he asked her: – Look at this screw; it looks, as it is not well tightened…  He touched the screw and it fell out of the socket. He looked at her with surprise.

– Miss, when did you change your tires? It is not tightened.

– I didn’t change any tires. I’ve just rented the car and drove for some two-hundred kilometres at the highest speed possible – she answered with lowered voice.

 – He checked all the tires and screws on them.

– Miss, I think you are a lucky person. It’s better than winning a lottery…. All the screws on the tires of your car were loose. Can you even imagine what could have happen?

peter pan

Source of the Featured Image: Highway.

Sources of the Quote Image: Lottery.

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