Cascadia 10

A Tale about the Trail Running Shoes

Someone told me to buy these running shoes. These pair of Brook Cascadia 8 shoes was not my first choice. Still, I decided to try. It was a love on first sight. So light and comfortable while still very good for uneven trail ground, how could I resist. Unfortunately, after a few months this upper part suddenly became ripped. It had holes on both sides. Luckily, this version of shoes had some fault in production and I was happy to find out that I can replace them for the new ones. Cascadia, again. With the new pair I made some 1500K all on a trail terrain. A month ago, I decided that they are not safe enough for running at this terrain and that it is a time to discard them. However, it is hard to through away something so comfortable, something so good. If I didn’t mentioned… I was in love with the second pair as well. After my decision, I did make additional 400K, so I guess that they managed 2000K on rough terrain. In my last race, I didn’t fall, but they became rather slippery because the sole is not rugged any more. At least, I felt like I am a child with a number of slippery moments during the last run.


I guess that even though it is the final time to discard them, I must admit that they were the best trail running shoes that I ever had.

I still haven’t bought the new ones, but I know the model 🙂


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