Like a boat on a huge blue sea


After more than a month of catching up

With the posts, prompts and tiredness

After more than a month of struggle with unfair to-do-lists

In-between sleepless nights and short days

I am finally spinning around adrift

Not anchored or moored without aim, direction or stability

Like a boat on a huge blue sea

Freedom and happiness


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Kurt Vonnegut


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Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) was an American writer who wrote a number of novels from which strong critics of everything around was evident. They say that he had financial issues and therefore had to publish a great number of novels to support his big family. He used humor and wrote them as an experiment. From novels, fiction and non fiction… for everyone that likes books… he is a must!.

“What is the point of life?” is a question Vonnegut often pondered in his works.

Source: wikipedia.

Maybe this is the reason why he thought about himself as an Unmoored Man.

“In an unmoored life like mine, sleep and hunger and work arrange themselves to suit themselves, without consulting me.”




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A Fun of Descend

Whether we are moving from a higher to a lower place inclining downwards or we talk about genetic descent from a previous generation, or we are inheriting something, or we just go down from the highest point like descending from the top of the mountain, we can always have a lot of fun, can’t we?

'I don't know a darn thing about the meaning of life. I was robbed and left here with nothing but a bed sheet.'Source of the image:

"Now think fast and you'll have the secret to life."Source of the image:

'You may be descended from a saber-toothed tiger, but I'm descended from a T-rex!'Source of the image:


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Notorious by Duran Duran


A little bit of history of music: Duran Duran: Notorious.

No-no-Notorious. Notorious. Ah. No-no-Notorious.

I can’t read about it.
Burns the skin from your eyes.
I’ll do fine without it.
Here’s one you don’t compromise.
Lies come hard in disguise.
They need to fight it out.
Not wild about it.
Lay your seedy judgements.
Who says they’re part of our lives?

You own the money ;
You control the witness.
I’ll leave you lonely.
Don’t monkey with my business.
You pay the prophets to justify your reasons.
I heard your promise,but I don’t believe it.

That’s why I’ve done it again. No-no-Notorious.

Girls will keep the secrets (uh)
So long as boys make a noise.
Fools run rings to break up.
Something they’ll never destroy.
Grand Notorious slam (bam).
And who really gives a damn for a flaky bandit?
Don’t ask me to bleed about it;
I need this blood to survive.


That’s why I’ve done it again. No-no-Notorious.



That’s why I’ve done it again. No. No.
That’s why I’ve done it again. No-no-Notorious.
That’s why I’ve done it again. No-no-Notorious.
No-no-Notorious. Yeah.
That’s why I’ve done it again. No-no-Notorious.
No-no-Notorious. Yeah.
That’s why I’ve done it again. No-no-Notorious.

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The End


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– What are you doing? – He screamed with the fear looking at the young girl at the fence of the bridge.

– Leave me alone – she answered very rude. She looked as if she cried the whole night. Trembling hand was holding the fence.

– Wait – he continued – I don’t want to stop you, but please talk to me first.

– Leave me alone, I told you. I do with my life whatever I want. This is my choice. I know what I am doing and the time has come to end this mockery.

– I understand – le lowered his voice – but I just need to talk to you before you do it. You know, you are crossing the border of the life and at least you can make one person happy when you’re leaving.

She turned her head toward him and gazed with wonder.

– What do you want? – She answered quickly

– I don’t want to know why you are doing this, I believe that you have strong reasons for that and I am not questioning this. I just want to know how you feel.

– Oh, stupid – she laughed with irony. – Now, I have to tell you how I feel.

– How could I feel? I was in love with a man for more than ten years and I did everything right. And he was so rude to me at times and he even beaten me for no reason. I told you, I did everything right. I finished the school, I got a good job, and I took care about house, about him. I gave him presents often and cared about his wishes. I was good in everything. Then suddenly he change. He became awful to me as if I am the worst creature on the world. Whatever I did was wrong and he yelled at me. I cried, I cried a lot. I am tired of crying. It’s not true that crying is good to relieve the pain. My pain was getting worse. I went to doctor; he told me that everything was ok with me. Stupid. Stupid doctor. I am stupid too that I went there at all. It was his decision. He told me that I am sick. That I should go to the hospital because of my mental illness.

He laughed. He laughed aloud.

She looked at him with surprise. – Why are you laughing at me? You asked me about my feelings and now when I told you, you are rude, you are laughing at me. He laughed that way too. She started to cry. – I am sick of this, sick of this wonderful world – she cried and screamed with irony in her voice.

– Now, it’s my time. I’ll do what I want with my life. I don’t need doctors, I don’t need him, I don’t need You – she screamed pointed all her pain towards him.

– Well, let me tell you why I laugh – he answered seriously.

– You got it all wrong. You didn’t do everything right!

– I did, I did – she interrupted him…. I finished the school…

– Stop, let me tell you just one thing – he raised her voice.

– You made one big mistake that ruined everything that you’ve done.

– She gazed.

– You know you’re not human. You know that already. Your mistake was that you let yourself believe in a shallow human being like him. He didn’t recognize you. He saw only himself. Everything was yelling to you about this mistake. But no, you still want to believe in humans in him. Humans want to kill us and if you jump, they will succeed. Do you really want that?

He walked away.

She trembled for a while holding the fence. She noticed that she is weak and that if she doesn’t go on the other side of the fence she will not jump, she will fall. Now, she was not sure that she wanted to do it anymore. She was not sure. She crossed the fence and started to laugh, so loud, so strong as if she is really crazy. Nevertheless, she was saved… she knew. The farce came to the end. She was free to do whatever she wants…

She jumped. It was her first bungee-jump with such a joy.


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She sits poised at a precipice…

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She sits poised at a precipice. She thought that such places could only be found in northern countries. Still, she found herself here and although she wandered very long, she knew that she didn’t come that far. Everything happened so suddenly. Well, after several years of thoughts and endless nights, her inner battle finally ended. She was free. Free to do what she wants. She screamed, laughed, cried out of happiness, flied and enjoyed every second of her life. Who would expect that the road was leading to the precipice? She needed this author’s hand to draw a bridge to the other side…


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Qualm – exploring

Honestly – completely new word and new expression for something. Out of several explanations… I found these few interesting…that explain that uneasy and guilty feeling about something. I know the feeling… and I do not like it… and now I know the word too….QUALM.
Adj. When a man is not gay but just doesn’t like girls in that he finds them attractive but not as a necessity. However not in an asexual sense, a qualm person just does not put forth the effort or time into getting a girl.

Usually describes a goodlooking guy that could get girls but just doesn’t.

Damn, that dude could get so many bitches if here weren’t so qualm.
by Garrison Godgrass November 04, 2009
Source: Urban Dictionary.
Qualm is derived from the lynd cross and is commonly used as a term to say lets do it, lets sort it out, basically just lets get on it.the word can be used in many forms either when discussing buying something, organising a night out, something sexual, etc.
For example, lets go to the pub- lets QUALM the pub OR when inviting a lady friend back it is used in this sense- lets qualm it back to mine (please note this works 9 times out of 10)
by Rich November 19, 2004
Source: Urban Dictionary.
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