Like a boat on a huge blue sea

  After more than a month of catching up With the posts, prompts and tiredness After more than a month of struggle with unfair to-do-lists In-between sleepless nights and short days I am finally spinning around adrift Not anchored or moored without aim, direction or stability Like a boat on a huge blue sea FreedomContinue reading “Like a boat on a huge blue sea”

Notorious by Duran Duran

A little bit of history of music: Duran Duran: Notorious. No-no-Notorious. Notorious. Ah. No-no-Notorious. I can’t read about it. Burns the skin from your eyes. I’ll do fine without it. Here’s one you don’t compromise. Lies come hard in disguise. They need to fight it out. Not wild about it. Lay your seedy judgements. WhoContinue reading “Notorious by Duran Duran”

She sits poised at a precipice…

Source of the image: She sits poised at a precipice. She thought that such places could only be found in northern countries. Still, she found herself here and although she wandered very long, she knew that she didn’t come that far. Everything happened so suddenly. Well, after several years of thoughts and endless nights,Continue reading “She sits poised at a precipice…”

Qualm – exploring

Honestly – completely new word and new expression for something. Out of several explanations… I found these few interesting…that explain that uneasy and guilty feeling about something. I know the feeling… and I do not like it… and now I know the word too….QUALM. Qualm Adj. When a man is not gay but just doesn’tContinue reading “Qualm – exploring”