When right-brain is in charge…

The First Impression – a quirky urge of funny feeling. Sometimes it is not in your head, but you feel it somehow from the inside, somehow that it is hard to explain with words.

Feeling? Yes, it is a kind of a feeling, tracked by dopamine neurons. It is a matter of everyday life.

They say that our right side of the brain is responsible for intuitive reaction. We feel it in our body and our conscious left-brain remains unaware of it.

Sometimes, they call it a second sight – an extrasensory perception. I would say it is a super power to use your senses. I guess that we have felt happy to believe in this super power… at least once in our life….


Source of the image: ipadartroom.com.


Source of the image: howtogeek.com.


Source of the image: howtogeek.com.


Source of the image: cartoonistgroup.com.


Source of the image: Pinterest.

Source of the Featured image: designgloss.com.

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