Detonation in the Kitchen

…long story short 😉


My grandma lived with us for several years. She was engaged in cooking and she was a real expert in this. She was a kind of woman that makes more than twenty different cakes for each occasion like Easter, Christmas, New Year…. Not that she only liked to cook, she liked to decorate food and yes, she liked to eat. A real hedonist, I would say now…

One day she wanted to clean the house and to organize all those canisters that my father collected somehow in our apartment. At that time we used to “go for a water” somewhere thinking that tap water is not good enough. We had several canisters for that purpose. Now I drink this same water and don’t understand why we did it, but we did it then.

She collected all four canisters that she found, and decided to use water from the ones that were almost empty first. In the meantime, my father was in the living room separated with the glass wall from the kitchen taking a nap before work. That day grandma prepared a kind of Minestrone with Pasta and Beans, famous “Pasta Fazol”. For that you have to cook beans first and to change water in between at least three times. At the end come Pasta and spices. Sometimes you can add some meat, but it is not necessary. It tastes good, it’s healthy and kind of famous meal in this part of the world.

She started cooking the beans, and she changed water once, twice and then the third time. Everything went according to plan. I guess it was like a routine to her and she was probably very happy at that moment because she emptied three canisters. In the final step she needed to add more water, so she took the last canister and poured the remaining liquid on the minestrone.

Instead of diluting the minestrone, suddenly she created an effect of flambéed minestrone. The ignition started from nothing and in a short period the flame was not cooking fire, but a disaster. The fire detonated in a moment catching the empty plastic bottles that we collected in the kitchen. The smell of burning and grandma’s scream woke up my father. He run in the kitchen and started to stop the fire…….

… my father survived, although he was injured with fire and had to spend several months in the hospital. My grandma was in shock, that I cannot even imagine.

Why did it happen? Well, she had a problem with the smell taste. She didn’t realize that the liquid in the last canister was not water… it was gasoline…. This canister was stored in the shed and had a sign of a warning on it. I understand the she didn’t notice the smell of it, but not that she didn’t notice the warning sign !?!

'I've no idea but, whatever it was, it must have been pretty serious.'

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