Infuse strength…

Source of the image: That moment at the end of the day Filled with hours of running in the sun After walking and searching for hidden controls And enjoying the nature with the whole body and soul Entirely exhausted healthy feeling Still rich in memories, senses and emotions You pour a sweet special blackberryContinue reading “Infuse strength…”

You can feel it here..

Listening this song… you get a feeling of the word “Reprieve“…by Capstan… Our Bodies are prisons for our souls…. Fear not…     Is there a place up in heaven where they store the worlds debris? I swear Iā€™m not a wicked person. Is there a wasteland for me? Am I scared? Iā€™m fucking terrified.Continue reading “You can feel it here..”

When right-brain is in charge…

The First Impression – a quirky urge of funny feeling. Sometimes it is not in your head, but you feel it somehow from the inside, somehow that it is hard to explain with words. Feeling? Yes, it is a kind of a feeling, tracked by dopamine neurons. It is a matter of everyday life. TheyContinue reading “When right-brain is in charge…”

The Arrow or the Boomerang

Source of the image: Sometimes I want to have a catapult, that old ballistic device to launch you like a projectile at a great distance from here – he said with a smile. So you think that you can use me as the key siege weapon to concur some fortified city. Who are youContinue reading “The Arrow or the Boomerang”

Like a boat on a huge blue sea

  After more than a month of catching up With the posts, prompts and tiredness After more than a month of struggle with unfair to-do-lists In-between sleepless nights and short days I am finally spinning around adrift Not anchored or moored without aim, direction or stability Like a boat on a huge blue sea FreedomContinue reading “Like a boat on a huge blue sea”

Notorious by Duran Duran

A little bit of history of music: Duran Duran: Notorious. No-no-Notorious. Notorious. Ah. No-no-Notorious. I can’t read about it. Burns the skin from your eyes. I’ll do fine without it. Here’s one you don’t compromise. Lies come hard in disguise. They need to fight it out. Not wild about it. Lay your seedy judgements. WhoContinue reading “Notorious by Duran Duran”