What is it really?


We know it as something very powerful, something distant, yet achievable. Triumph. 

In my shade I see an ant. He is heading in my direction. I feel perfect breeze and don’t want to move. How can I stop him? Why does he wants to walk over me? We see the obstacle, and we walk around it. We do not put our feet on every single thing that we encounter on our way. The ant? He goes. He goes directly on me.

I am still calm, waiting and hoping that I can survive this thousand tiny steps and light burden of his little body…

… pain, sudden pain in my leg. I jump. Disappointed in the ant. He tried to hurt me with his acid. Did he realized that I am not a tree? Was I enemy or something to eat?

Now, he is dead, I am in pain. I didn’t want this kind of story. Drama in the shade of early summer day. Nothing triumphal. Just a sad end of one ant….


Source of the sad ant image: zazzle.com.



One thought on “What is it really?

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