Well, if you didn’t know…  Homage is a name of a lovely Unicorn 🙂

Amazing one…



Homage is a steel grey Unicorn with a blue mane. Homage is first seen in Chapter 16 but in reality she has been on the radio as the guise of DJ Pon3 since before the opening of Stable Two. She acts as the Voice of Freedom in the Equestrian Wasteland and offers warnings of the dangers as well as telling people the news of heroic activity, most particularly Littlepip‘s feats. The day Littlepip first met Homage she thought of her as nothing more than another pony trying to see DJ Pon3 only to realize that she is the current DJ Pon3, the mantle having been passed down to her. As their time in Tenpony Tower together progressed Homage fell in love with Littlepip, answering her when she was looking for another mare that would love her in return with “I might...” thus beginning their relationship.

Source: falloutequestria.wikia.com.


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