So we live here in a kind of selected frame of time and spac, cloaked from surreal and wonderful. We think this is life. We think that it matters and we don’t see how small we are. Maybe we don’t even realize what we are missing. But if we cannot open our eyes, open our mind we can miss the whole life, the whole wonderful life.


Someone asked: “How is life?”

She smiled and said: “He is fine”

I was wondering through hidden trails with not a ghost of a chance in my mind that I might finally meet You. I was like Alice in the Wonderland, and just like her, I fell very deep, I feel faraway from the reality. And nothing had to happen, and nothing is expected, and nothing has to be explained. Everything just is. The perfect version of it. There is no ‘What-ifs”. There is not doubt, mistrust, distrust, misgiving. If anything in life can be perfect – than this is. You are my life and I want to say that Life is fine. @M




Published by runvagabound

There is no good or bad. There are just popular opinions!

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