Salvador Dali

Nothing can be more surreal than the Art, and the strongest association is definitely famous Salvador Dali and his painting “The Persistence of Memory“. When defining I like the explanation of oddly dreamlike qualities. It is the real question to ask ourselves:

What is really (sur)real?

What is time?

Rose Meditative Salvador Dali

Source of the Image:

The Persistence of Memory (Catalan: La persistència de la memòria) is a 1931 painting by artist Salvador Dalí, and is one of his most recognizable works. First shown at the Julien Levy Gallery in 1932, since 1934 the painting has been in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, which received it from an anonymous donor. It is widely recognized and frequently referenced in popular culture,[1] and sometimes referred to by more descriptive (though incorrect) titles, such as ‘Melting Clocks’, ‘The Soft Watches’, or ‘The Melting Watches’.[by whom?]

Source: Wikipedia.


Source of the Featured Image and also an interesting text about creative approach of Dali to surreal reality:


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