Sludge, sludge, sludge!?! Well, this is the tough one, at least for me – said Jolie.

It shouldn’t be. I am sure you have a story about it in your past. Besides, it’s rather common even in everyday life – He answered with an amused tone. Tell me a story; I love when you tell stories.

Jolie puckered her lips while she was digging through her past. Sludge, sludge – she continued to murmur. Suddenly, the smile biggest than the Moon lightened her face. I know, I know, I remember now – she almost screamed as she remembered a funny story from her childhood. With a bit of a self-critical voice she started the story.

Well, I was rather small girl. I think it was in my first grade of elementary school. It was time when I still lived in my heaven. You know, everything was perfect, and my only troubles were how to learn letters, numbers and all those heavy stuff from the first grade.


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In a school we learned the letters, so we had those little books full of letters that we can take out and order the was our teacher say. I was very proud on my letters because my book was different from the books other children had. Asja, a girl who was sitting next to me, and was my neighbour with whom I went regularly to school and back, noticed that these letters were different and during the class she somehow swiped my letters into her book. I noticed that and tell her with a bit offensive gesture that these letters are mine. I asked her to give them back to me.

However, Asja started to get attention of our teacher (that looked like Mrs Streibel) with crying and accusation. I was stubborn to convince her that my letters were different, but she didn’t want to listen to me. She simply stole those letters from me and didn’t want to give them back to me.

I was angry. I was disappointed realizing that the girl I am spending most time in my childhood is actually a kind of un-honest smuggler. With a kind of resentment, I took my book with all the other letters and through it in front of her with raised voice: If you really think those letters are yours, take all the others, probably they are also yours and I have no letters at all!!!


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Unfortunately, the whole book went a bit further than the table and hit the teacher that just arrived near our school bank. The teacher started to scream on me: “You! You wicked girl, how dare you to through the book on me. Who thought you to behave like that? Luckily, you didn’t hit the poor Asja, you could have hurt her!! Oh, you will be punished for this!!” The teacher yelled at me while her face was turning red and blue.

I humbly tried to explain that I was not trying to attack her nor Asja and that it was an accident. – She stole my letters, so I only tossed the whole book to her. I didn’t know the book would fall on you. Still, the teacher wouldn’t listen. She splashed me with her heavy old hand and sent me to stand in the corner. I also got a low-grade for my behaviour.

Later that day we went home. Asja was cheerfully talking. I was silent, not interested in her at all. She talked about her new coat and how she was right about the letters. The thought of annoyance struck me from out of the blue. – Shut up!  I uttered and waved with my hand. As luck would have it, I slightly touched her with my hand. She over-reacted again and literally jumped in a slough filled with sludge. I looked at her shocked…. OMG, this girl is wicked.


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Asja run to my parents and yelled with the crying voice, accusing me: She first stole my letter on the class and now she even hit me so I felt in the sludge. She is mean. I was in shock, so I didn’t even try to defend myself. I only said: I didn’t do it. Nobody believed me. I was punished again.

Wow, this is a good story – he said with a satisfying tone. What did you learn?


Source of the Image: Pinterest

Well, I learned that people are selfish and hypocrites. Moreover, if you want to live peaceful life, you have to learn how to make a distance from such people. I also learned that I have to learn to react calmly to stressful situations – she said with a confident happy smile on her face.

Oh, I love how this girl tells her stories – he thought.


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