One-Way Road of Life


Where everything that happens helps us grow

Where things don’t work the way we want

Where we never have a chance to go back

Where we have to find a way or create our own


What scares the most is time

We think we have it,

And act as if another life

Is hidden in our suitcase


In the end that will inevitably come

We might only regret

The time we wasted in worry and

The things we haven’t done


I guess the only way to do it is

To be happy no matter what

To love everything and anyone

Simply enjoying in every sun or rain



As long as you’re happy

You’re enjoying in all the wild

That happens along the way of your journey


And odd as it seems

All the things will work out in the end

As your unique magnificent adventure

Your One-Way Road of Life




Published by runvagabound

There is no good or bad. There are just popular opinions!

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