Be yourself before you become  Communal

Reading at least a little bit every single day helps as much as writing at least a sentence every single day. Sometimes a single quote can influence a day and when someone has not time to sit down, relax in comfortable chair and enjoy several hours of a good book, there is always a time during coffee or some other short break of a day to read thoughts and words perfectly written by others.

Maybe it is a great idea, before we start our everyday communal life, to read a quote a day, to learn a word a day of some foreign language. Not all of them will stay, but sometimes we can stumble upon something special that will made or day, our week, our year…. our life.

I want to go on a road trip. I want to sleep in crappy motels. I want to sing along to happy songs while driving. I want to watch the sun rise in a different city every morning. I want to take pictures of new places. I just want to go. (Unknown, source: Wordables)

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million (Walt Streightiff).






Source of the Image and Featured Image: Vybesource.


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