Why are we allergic to some people? You know that feeling when the person does nothing at all but you still feel as you need to hit it?

Source of the images: Pinterest.

It is interesting how chemistry has explanation for our feelings.


In the beginning stages of most exciting new relationships our brain chemistry and hormone levels are far from normal. For example, your feelings of well-being and happiness are affected by a hormone called serotonin, which plays an important role in emotional responses, especially when measured against your partner. Another hormone called oxytocin affects how empathic you are to others and your ability to deal with stress. In addition, your desire to seek out new sensations and experiences can be influenced your brain’s sensitivity to a hormone called dopamine. Understanding your partner’s emotional behavior is the key to successfully dealing with relationship challenges, solving problems and better communication. We now have the ability to reveal vital information which would normally take years for you to learn over time with your partner (Learn More).

Well, you often don’t do it. But imagination helps to feel better.


Source of the images: Pinterest.

I guess logic is not always the answer….



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