Retrospective about Daily Post prompts….

It has been a while when I stumbled upon this page. It is amazing how one word, one prompt can bring up so many ideas, thoughts, invite memories or dreams to come out and become some kind of writing adventure. Along all these prompts, for which I was only sorry that my current lifestyle did’t allow me to follow every single day, I have had a help of friends that tried to write their own stories. So, I admit that this is not all made by me, but from several of us.

Still, when travelling, running and positive motivation have been published it was mainly mine. We will all try to continue finding new inspiration in everyday life. Who knows, maybe some other daily prompts waits in front of us.

I feel as at the end of the school. You did all, sometimes perfect, sometimes less perfect, but you did it and at the end you can say that you have finished that school. This is similar with this adventure with Daily Prompts, we participated in some, we made really great texts but sometimes we missed several of them.

In the end, the result is a great number of wonderful posts from all of us that tried to inspired others and of course… be inspired by others. I liked reading other people’s posts about the same word. I was always curious to see where will they go with their thoughts, ideas, dreams, stories.

Now, we should all continue writing. If possible, every single day and who knows maybe we will again stumble on each other in some other series of daily prompts and share our visions, dreams, memories and whatever cross our writer’s mind.

I wish you all good luck in life and writing and thank you for reading my posts inspired by Daily Prompts. It was really a special adventure for all of us.


Source of the image: Pinterest.

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2 thoughts on “Retrospective

  1. This is such a positive response to the last daily prompt. It has been quite a ride here in this community, and looking ahead I think many of us are wondering where to now. But I do agree with you when you say when we should continue writing, and blogging. Who knows what else will come up on there, and there are some challenges run by blogs floating around. I’m sure we’ll all meet up some where at some point 🙂

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