Clouds are natural phenomenon, a result of water and sun and different altitude. Still, we often look in the sky and search for some symbols and shapes, as if it could give us a clue about something or someone. Would a cloud in a shape of a dog mean something?

Would a ghost-like creature of Casper, the friendly ghost mean that we have an invisible friend who is always happy and want to play around with us? Maybe it will. It is said that “what you believe, it will happen”. So, we should truly believe and this little positive creature will somehow make our life happier and better. It might sound as a phantasy, but if we did believe in Santa for a pretty long period of our life, why can’t we believe in a little happy ghost? Being positive and happy is surely a good thing, isn’t it?

There is something special in a town surrounded by the blue color….. Maybe green is for the peace of mind… but blue.. it is for the soul 😎💙

Published by runvagabound

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