The Daily Spur: Bearings.

First idea was the beer and a story about not being able to find a joy in drinking beer.

Then I thought it would be some story about “bear with me” and my way of life.

But then I found this great photo about Teddy bear. It’s almost bear – ing.


Source of the Image: web.

And yes, I have my Teddy Bear. It’s not brown, it is blue and he travels a lot.

He is a kind of friend that it’s always there and “knows everything” and amazingly, due to his nature does not speak about it to anyone.

Well, to be honest, we all have that, but it usually does not have a form of a Teddy Bear, but rather an inner voice that talks to us all the time.

I always wondered….. am I really speaking to myself silently when I have to decide something, or? How can sometimes the feeling of two different voices (“do it” – “don’t do it”) be so real?

Bearing the brain battle can really be the though one…..


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