Stuck in the Posture


Focused on each posture in the sequence… I do not get very far.

At first spot when I need to do the Lotus… I am done… still far away from it.


Source of the Image:

Padmasana benefits are not just one, but many:

  1. Calms the brain and relaxes the mind.
  2. Activates the spine, tones the pelvic muscles, and strengthens the urinary bladder.
  3. Provides a good stretch to the knees and ankles.
  4. When practiced regularly, the Lotus pose helps reduce menstrual problems and treat sciatica.
  5. Since it strengthens the pelvic muscles, this asana is helpful during pregnancy.
  6. A regular practice of Padmasana helps improve the posture.
  7. Restores energy levels. (Source: as the image above).

But when I do it… it looks like this (Pinterest):



In the evening, when I finished all my daily work… I missed something. I wondered for a while – what was that?!? And I realized it is a LED class…. so I added another exercise this day…. a short Primary Series…

It was (almoust) easy, the voice of the Instructor from Yoga Dose very calm, I liked it. But I don’t understand how can they all slow down in counting when the posture is hard to keep?!? How do they now the exact moment to slow down? And yes, these turtle like Postures didn’t look good in my practice at all. I always block myself somewhere and don’t know how to get out of the Posture… ahahah

Food Challenge… well… it’s not easy… the whole three days without coffee, sugar, milk, Coca-Cola, Ice-cream… and who know what.

Feelings? – I need some energy. I feel very exhausted in the afternoon. Maybe it will be easier in time…


Source of the Featured Image: Pinterest.

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