Less and less

As days go by.. I miss it less and less

Attachment and obsession are gone

Enough is to see it in distance

There is no possessive thoughts or wishes

One week was enough to let it go…


It is an old replacement for ☕️. They used to call it “poor man’s coffee. It reminds me on a story about white and brown rice. While white looks pure and fancy, brown is more rich in nutrients and good stuff making it a healthier version. I am still convinced that coffee has numerous benefits for human beings. And drinking several cups of coffee a day is beneficial and not harmful.

But as famous Sadghuru says: food/drinks should be option and not addiction.

I love this man. Everything he says is so clear, simple and easy to understand. You must question yourself after you watch this (or any of his) videos…..

Here is the link to his interesting lecture about food:

Considering this… Zichorie (eng. Chicory, Cichorium intybus) is an interesting healthy alternative that can be used as a drink. Healthy option 🙂

Although not listed in current Pharmacopoeia, it has been used as medicinal plant by Egyptians and great number of cultures worldwide. Why? Because it was beneficial for a great number of disorders and diseases. From wound healings, gastrointestinal disorders, liver, kidney, thyroids, blood diseases, rheumatism and diabetes … to treatments of cancers. Besides numerous preventive and treatment benefits… toxicological research proved by several tests that this plant is sage for human use (for more info see Renee et al, 2013. PMID: 24379887).

It seems logical to include it in the diet plan. It even helps with weight loss 🙂 In special conditions like pregnancy or allergy … this beverage usage should be discussed with the doctor.

The question is only… Is it vegan?

It is caffeine free so one cup has zero caffeine (instead of cca 65-95 mg in coffee) even less than decaffeinated coffee.

Source of the Image:Pinterest

Source of Featured Image: Pinterest

At the end… I don’t think that coffee is the problem.. I should rather search for sugar and milk alternatives…..

And for practice… I missed my morning schedule….wooow… now I know why they say… do it in the morning…

It somehow gives you energy for the rest of the day……

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