Mysore again

I like them both: practice at home and Mysore in Yoga studio. Life gives You a great number of Opportunities every day. It’s up to us to use them or loose them. Like the pain… pain is inevitable, while the suffering is optional.

I doubt that I will spend even a single day in my life without Yoga. I can always do et least Sun Salutations…

At the beginning of the year I have decided to do Sun Salutation every morning… and now I am doing it ❤️

Today’s Mysore was great. I came earlier.. somewhere around half eight. I forgot my Spickzettel.. so I asked for help. They gave me yet another version of Primary Series that I like even more…. I like this hint that shows when comes Vinyasa…

Illustrations are done by John Scott and his colleague s… maybe it can be found somewhere on the web…

I did the whole sequence up to Navsana.. with only few modifications. I like when they make corrections in my pastures… they are usually very slight but from my inner world.. they are huge.

I also liked this assistance in the child pose… quick strong kind of massage off my spine. How did she know that it was exactly what I needed at that moment?!? 😱😊

I also confirmed that I can do more stretching with my right arm than with the left. Hmmm. Strange, isn’t it?

My food experiment? It’s even easier. I don’t even think about coffee anymore 😊

A cup of 🍵 is helpful. I tried some White tea. It was delicious and mild. I did enjoyed with my whole body in it 😎 pure Sensation indeed. for more info….

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