In Yoga… even in Ashtanga… there is a Variety of options to create the sequence. I guess we are a little bit different every single day… and I can now only imagine how joyful must be to know the hidden knowledge of Yoga Philosophy to create your own sequence. The sequence that your soul needs for some day.

Since it’s hard not to practice Ashtanga on Saturday and Sun Salutations seems to be not enough… we have the great web sources to explore some other types of yoga 🧘‍♀️😊

Here is in interesting Image how we can find suitable Yoga Style.,,,

I still don’t know the right number of Styles… But sounds great that I still have a lot to learn and experience 😊

Today? I wanted to see how Ashtanga practice changed me… and I tried one of my favorite videos on famous Do Yoga With Me…. and Tracey Noseworthy….

Source of the Featured Image: Pinterest

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One thought on “Variety

  1. P.S. Doing this LED sequence after almost two months of practicing Ashtanga really changed my feelings towards postures. It was different and still challenging to do some pf them. And to my surprise.. what was easy before become hard today and vice versa. Doing Yoga really is a journey just like the life… 😎


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