Abundance Challenge

Challenge this… challenge that… why not Abundance

I want to invite you for a 21 Day Challenge…. model 

And it can also be a word of a Day Challenge as a Scheme of a new life 🙂


Dear Friends💛,

If you wish to – come join the Abundance journey, a 21 day abundance process where you care about you and your life. Provided the by Dr. Deepak Chopra Institute.
There are certain rules to follow all the way to the end 💗

Think where you are right now in your life and decide during today’s day if this is for you.
Read below the rules today, followed by the Day 1 task tomorrow morning & thereafter you can expect the daily task to arrive every morning.

The abundance journey will not take long but needs dedicated quiet time for reflection every day.

Group rules and agreements as stipulated by Deepak Chopra:

1. After receiving your daily tasks, you will have 24 hours to complete them.

2. Whenever you need to write, write by hand with a pen and in a notebook. Writing helps ithe transformation and power of these exercises.

3. Before you begin each task, relax with a few deep breaths, or with another relaxation technique that you prefer.

4. If you have any questions, send me a private message (outside of this group thread). Comments and endorsements are not required, here, in this group.

5. Be fully present and connected when you perform your daily activities and concentrate on just this.

6. I will aim to send you the task each morning so that you will have time to do the notebook exercise and meditation during the day, night or the next morning.

7. If the activity is not performed in time, as a rule I will have to remove the person from the group. (If this happens, do not take it personally, it’s just a rule I need to follow and that’s important for the final result).

8. After completing the activity, just write “Done Day_”

Peace and love to you all!

Keep an open mind, explore and enjoy. 😊

My Question is… are You in?

You can make a comment bellow or send me a message (everything counts) 🙂


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