Abundance Challenge – Day 01

Quote of a Day:

Be tough minded but tender hearted

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Welcome to Day 1 of the 21 day abundance journey. ☀


Mission of Day 1:

Get a notebook (doesn’t need to be new but if possible use something you think is nice to honour this process), take a pen or a pencil and create a list of 50 people who have added value to your life.

Consider people who are positive and you think they are someone who made you grow somehow.

The list must contain 50 names. The important thing is to mentally connect with the WHY of your choice.

Move calmly, remember the good things in each person, and what he/she brought into your life.

Best wishes.

The quote of the day:

Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.”

Following is the meditation of the day.

You can listen to it before or after the notebook exercise. And listen to it as many times as you like within the next 24 hours. Even better early in the morning ☀

May the universe be with you…

After completing the activity, just write “*Done Day 1

Peace & blessings to you all! Keep an open mind, explore and enjoy

Source of the Featured Image: Pinterest.


And since I want it ALL… I must add additional thoughts…

When I am happy or sad,

I think often about my dad.

He gave me life, hope and strength

To pursue my dreams regardless the length

And if search for inspiration in Great Minds is a must,

I could happiness also call the LUST.

Sadhguru says:

Don’t think in terms of weeks, and months and years

and decades or lifetimes.

Think in terms of moments, bacuse


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