Day 4 of 21 days of Abundance Challenge


Welcome to Day 4 beautiful soul 💫

Congratulations✨. Yesterday was really challenging and people choose to leave at that point. Those who stay are ready to go really deep now🌟

Enjoy the journey and if you need anything, please contact me.

This is today’s task:
Write in your notebook a list of all your financial debts and monthly expenses: credit card, personal loans, direct debits, etc. Write also all your year expenses and unusual payments that you are aware of.

You do not need to write down the amounts, only what the debt or expense is for: rent, car loan, electricity bill, credit card, school, etc.

Everything you have to pay on a monthly basis needs to be included (water, electricity, internet…). Be inclusive.

Today’s inspirational quote:

”From this moment forward I invite unlimited Abundance into my life.”


Extra inspiration:

When you are doing this assignment, breathe and release from yourself the burden you have concerning these debts.

🌟 Hold the space 🌟

Focus your mind (or pray if that works for you) on the ability of living debt free and without financial concerns.

Remember that money is potential energy, call your potential back home to you.

For those of you who might give your potential energy away and so have other people owing you money, pray to let go of that as well.

All debts are a result of self-value issues.

Do the practice and hold the space that you are worthy to be as you are.

There is nothing else you need to be!

You are everything you need to be!

May the universe be with you 🙏🏻❤

Source of the Featured Image: Pinterest.

Never settle for average.

Steve Jobs

The more chaotic I am

the more complete I am.

Austin Osman Spare

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One thought on “Day 4 of 21 days of Abundance Challenge

  1. This step was weird for me. I haven´t managed to focus on my debts while focusing on living debt free at the same time. Energy goes where we the focus is and if we make lists of our debts, that´s where the focus is. Thus, that´s what defines the energy..


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