Day 14 of 21 days of Abundance Challenge


Welcome to Day 14 ✨🌸✨

Today we finish the second week of the abundance challenge and we are moving together into the last week.

Isn’t it amazing how far we have already come? How much we have learned.

Today’s action is pure bliss because it reminds you how unique and important a Being you are ✨✨✨

Let’s fly high with the roots deep down.

Today, write in your notebook the following two questions:

What are my talents?

How can I give that to the world?

Leave space underneath each question for the universe to fill up.

Tune in to this assignment during the entire day and stay open to receive any guidance from the universe. Write down whatever comes to you. Be open and receptive to receive.

At the end of the day sit down with your notebook and consider all that you have learned about yourself today. When you honour your uniqueness and realise your importance, this can give you a whole new meaning of your purpose.

Today’s inspirational quote:

”There is a way I can fullfill my true purpose in life.”

I wish you a beautiful day, truly connected to your self and your extraordinary gifts and opportunities.

Let’s receive abundance flowing into our lives.

May the universe be with you 🙏🏻❤
With love ✨💕✨

Source of the Featured Image: Pinterest.

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