Day 4 of 21 days of Abundance Challenge

  Welcome to Day 4 beautiful soul 💫 Congratulations✨. Yesterday was really challenging and people choose to leave at that point. Those who stay are ready to go really deep now🌟 Enjoy the journey and if you need anything, please contact me. This is today’s task: Write in your notebook a list of all yourContinue reading “Day 4 of 21 days of Abundance Challenge”

Day 3 of 21 days of Abundance Challenge

Good Morning my lovely friends ☀ Welcome to Day 3 of our 21 days of Abundance ☀☀☀ This task maybe rather challenging fo you but commitment to the process will yield results if you struggle with this , then i invite you to connect with me individually, my advice is POWER through ! Here weContinue reading “Day 3 of 21 days of Abundance Challenge”

Day 2 of the 21 day abundance journey.

Day 2 of the 21 day abundance journey. ☀ DAY 2 Well done completing day one! ☀ Welcome to Day 2 ☀☀☀   Let’s continue gently ☀ Today’s task is to write a list of people, no matter the number, in your family and social circles that you feel have achieved their goals in lifeContinue reading “Day 2 of the 21 day abundance journey.”

Abundance Challenge – Day 01

Quote of a Day: Be tough minded but tender hearted H. Jackson Brown Jr. Welcome to Day 1 of the 21 day abundance journey. ☀ DAY 1 Mission of Day 1: Get a notebook (doesn’t need to be new but if possible use something you think is nice to honour this process), take a penContinue reading “Abundance Challenge – Day 01”

Abundance Challenge

Challenge this… challenge that… why not Abundance… I want to invite you for a 21 Day Challenge…. model  And it can also be a word of a Day Challenge as a Scheme of a new life 🙂   Dear Friends💛, If you wish to – come join the Abundance journey, a 21 day abundance processContinue reading “Abundance Challenge”

My own practice

I did the whole sequence today…. (again stuck in lotus)… but at least I tried them all. Without shortcuts Trying to do the right activation of miscles Using Bandhas Loud breathing Focusing on Dristi (it did escaped several times just like the breath) But I did it all the way. I still don’t have drumsContinue reading “My own practice”